In I&S, you wear Yourself.

At IREN&STAV, we love women and everything female; beauty, nature, versatility.

Our mission is to make women feel natural and relaxed while radiating an effortless sophistication. To feel they can be themselves when they wear our clothes.

In IREN&STAV, you wear yourself.

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The I&S Approach

We embrace an effortless yet elegant style, by creating garments of refined luxury that are easy to wear.  Always having the female body in mind, our clothes emphasise and flatter women’s curves. 

We source breathable fabrics that feel soft on the skin and keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Fabrics that last in time, not only due to their excellent quality but also because of their high aesthetics.

All our clothes are handmade in Greece by local artisans. The majority of our garments are made-on-demand, with the purpose of keeping our brand sustainable and avoiding over-production.

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The I&S Lines

Two IREN&STAV lines, which complement each other. 

Cháris and She’s out. 

Cháris - from the greek word "Χάρις" - means grace, divine, kindness, joy, life. Through her authenticity, inner completeness and beauty, the woman full of Cháris embraces her passion for life. Everyday, elegant pieces that embrace a quiet luxury.

Our She’s out line stands for strength, action and creation. She’s out! Vibrant, confident and original, on her path to Cháris. Statement pieces and minimal lines with an edge. 

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The I&S Inspiration

We draw our inspiration from the female body and Nature. Nature is She, Nature’s out, Nature is full of Cháris with it’s unprocessed, simple and effortless beauty. We give Native American names to our clothes, inspired by their special connection to Nature.

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